Photographs of the Smiths at the Salford Lads Club and Live Shows 1984-87

“Stephen Wright’s original photograph, used for the inside gatefold of The Queen is Dead, clinches the prize for the most famous image of the Smiths”

Will Woodward – The Guardian

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Smiths at Salford LAds Club 1985 Strangeways Smiths Salford Manchester 1985







The photograph from the Salford Lads fundraising T-shirt.

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Stephen photographed The Smiths live across 1984-87. He photographed them at several concerts which led to the session at the Salford Lads club in November 1985. He photographed them at the Salford Lads for The Queen is Dead album sleeve and later shot the sign for the back sleeve of the Strangeways, Here We Come album – he sells limited edition photographs of the Smiths and other iconic musicians.These photographs of the Smiths and other artists have been used numerous times in magazines, newspapers and books.The album sleeve photograph from the Queen is dead sleeve is the the collections of the National Portrait Gallery London, the Manchester Art Gallery and the Salford Art Gallery.

Over the past thirty years, thousands of fans of the band have made the pilgrimage to the Salford Lads Club to recreate the photo outside the stunning red brick Edwardian building.

In 1985 when we went to the club it was shut…20 years later Stephen visited the Club was allowed in for the first time! He started working with the club with various Charity fund raising events and was made an honour member of the Salford lads club in 2015.

More recently, the image of the band shivering in mid winter outside the hallowed facade of the Salford Lads Club was back in the news for rather happier reasons. Just before Christmas 2015, the club  launched a new promotional T -shirt bearing the famous image which raised some £60,000 in a year. Stephen gave the image from the session to the Lads club to raise funds for a trip for teenagers from the Salford Lads Club to visit Native Indians in South Dakota.

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And of course do go visit the Salford Lads club – there are special visit days see SALFORD LADS CLUB site


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